Zip Drive w/HP Vive Bundle

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Zip Drive w/HP Vive Bundle

I ordered the HP Envy / Vive bundle and a 3rd box arrived which had a zip drive in it.


The drive packaging said "Install Me First before opening your Vive." so I did.

I plugged the zip drive in after setting up the new computer and ran the exe program that was on it and it froze my system, constantly asking to insert a disk into Drive G.

I tried putting the zip drive on another compluter just to see what's on it and it causes it to crash as well.


Anyone else having this issue?




Re: Zip Drive w/HP Vive Bundle

I had the exact same issue. I finally decided to ignore it and just install the software from the Vive site instead. Everything's working fine now, without ever having installed anything from that zip drive.

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Re: Zip Drive w/HP Vive Bundle

I wanted to buy the HP Vive bundle but it was sold out or not available now... any idea if it will come back, or what was included? I didn't write the specs to the machine