Vive Video FAQ


Vive Video FAQ

Vive Video FAQ


Vive Video is available now on Viveport.


What types of video files can Vive Video play?


We currently support MP4, MKV and MOV files encoded with H.264 and have up to 5.1 channels of audio. 


What controllers can I use with Vive Video?


Currently Vive Video supports Vive controllers, Oculus controllers, and Xbox One controllers. You can also use gaze and keyboard to control the UI when no controllers are connected.


My video looks weird. How do I fix it?


Vive Video can play videos that have been recorded in traditional 2D (monoscopic) or 3D (stereoscopic) formats and screen modes—flat, 180° or 360°. In many cases, we can detect a video’s stereo and screen type and automatically display the correct format for you. If your video doesn’t look as it should, you’ll need to manually select the stereo and screen mode as follows:


  1. While your video is playing, select the eye icon in the video controls to open the View Mode settings. 
  2. On the first screen, review the live previews for your video:  traditional video (monoscopic) or one of the two 3D video (stereoscopic) options—over/under or side-by-side.
  3. Only one of the previews will look "right" to you. Select that one, or, if it is already selected, select Next to advance to the next screen. 
  4. On the second screen,  select your video's screen mode: flat screen, 180-degree screen, 360-degree screen. Again, only one of these options will look “right” to you. 
  5. Select Done to return to your video.

I already set my video and screen mode but my video still looks weird.  How can I fix it?


If your video still looks squished or stretched, it may be a video format that we don’t support yet. We’re adding support for new formats regularly, but if you’d like, contact us at and let us know what type of video you’re having trouble with.


Can I play videos from my BluRay player?


Currently we only support playing a video file that is stored on your computer.


Is spatial audio supported?


Currently spatial audio is not supported.


My chaperone keeps coming on while I’m watching videos, how do I turn it off?


The chaperone system is controlled by SteamVR and cannot be turned off within the Vive Video app. Please see SteamVR Help for information about changing chaperone appearance or settings.


I hear an echo in the cinema. Can I turn it off?


Yes. Uncheck the Audio Reverb option in Settings.


How do I open the Settings menu in the Vive Video app?


Do one of the following:

  • On Vive, press the Menu button on either controller.
  • On Oculus Touch, press Menu.
  • On Xbox One, press B.


Known issue: Vive Video is unable to detect my controllers once I updated to version 1.1 (China only)

There is a problem with Vive Video in China where the Vive controllers are not being detected in the Vive Video app after updating to version 1.1. This is due to an issue with SteamVR shipped with the Vive PC client software. We are working to update the Vive PC client software to resolve this issue.