VR Arcade - Time Tracking Software


VR Arcade - Time Tracking Software



I'm in the process of setting up a VR Arcade and I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any time tracking software that could do an in VR display of a user's elapsed or remaining time.


If have some thoughts on how this could be done from a UI perspective, but I'm not a developer so I'm not really sure what options already exist or how tough it would be to custom create what I'm looking for.


Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.




Re: VR Arcade - Time Tracking Software

Are you only worried about displaying the times to the customer? Do you already have software to control cutting them off at the end of their allotment?


I'm only speculating with you as someone who also has thoughts of doing something similar. It just seems that the money that the hardware companies are looking for is basically 100% of what I might be able to charge in my area, leaving no money for me. I am also curious what options exist.


Anyway, it doesn't seem like it should be impossible or even very difficult. My software has become hung up several times where the game is still playing in the background, and  Steam is either hung up or thought the game had ended. This shows that it's no problem for two programs to use the "monitor" i.e. HMD simultaneously with no coordination.


Also, the IPD display pops up on top of of anything, does it not? So your time display ought to be able to do the same.


Re: VR Arcade - Time Tracking Software

We use SpringboardVR.


They have been fantastic to work with.