Use HTC Vive without Base Stations - good reasons for it


Use HTC Vive without Base Stations - good reasons for it

I have searched and read the other similar posts.

I understand the CLEAR need to MUST use base stations when expecting ANY kind of tracking to be done during any game or application.

There are times where only the MOUSE and HEADSET could be used for example VIEWING a video on a large screen. There could be a Front / Center default. Watching on a huge screen could chug merrily along.

An older simpler game of flying always defaults to font/center anyway just like the Ski Down the Mountain game.  Keyboard Arrows keys move the scenery right or left but the skyer always is center screen.

Starting the Steam/Vive detection could Check For the base stations and if found go on like normal, but if NOT FOUND it could still activate the headset but only in that FRONT CENTER mode.

Nowhere I have found is anyone asking the question this way or should I say MAKING THAT REQUEST. 

I humbly do so now.     Garymatt

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Re: Use HTC Vive without Base Stations - good reasons for it


Hi Garymatt,

Unfortunately, there are no "out-of-box" cases in which a Vive or Vive Pro HMD could be used without base stations. It simply isn't designed to be used without them, even for such purposes as viewing 'flat' games or videos, the headset is tracked to allow the user to move their head (and body) around without creating a feeling of nausea from the conflicting stimulii. Having a screen strapped to your face that doesn't change no matter how you turn your head, sit or stand is extremely disorienting and uncomfortable for almost everyone. It would be pretty much unusuable for 99% of the population.

I hope that helps answer your query.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support on and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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Re: Use HTC Vive without Base Stations - good reasons for it



This was a thing before actually - this approach has abandoned for good around 2014 when proper tracking and high quality IMUs became available. A more recent example is the Sony HMZ-T2.It doesn't really work as a consumer product because it makes most people motion sick. You could probably just emulate this in software but there are way better ways to go about viewing 2D content in VR that take into account distortion (Virtual Desktop, OVRDrop, ect...).


Head tracking is only one of the secret sauces that make a VR experience make sensory sense to your body - a good portion of VR's trajectory is entirely based on the availability of tracking solutions and access to robust and affordable tracking.


The other core element is the SDK and the rendering compositor. Current HMD's require lenses to work - the content has to be distorted and displayed on the panels in a way that it is coherent and undistorted when viewed by the user. When you attach to SteamVR or Oculus; there's a huge software component that backs up the hardware and does all sorts of weird things to arrive at a physiologically sound VR experience. 


With all of that said - I'm sure you could find a Chinese HMD that does exactly what you'd like; that's a pretty wild market. 




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