Top 3 Games release for Jan 2017


Top 3 Games release for Jan 2017

As its the End of the month its time for me to tell you about my top 3 games that came out last month. 
1) Steam Hammer. Steam Link Its a Wave shooter but with a difference the guns are steam powered and you have a good selection to try out. 
The graphics are well made and you really feel that you are in Victorian London. 
There is also a demo to DL if you want to try before you Buy. 
Its one of those games that does not need much explaining and be enjoyed by all ages. 

2) Unknown Pharaoh Steam link As far as puzzle games go January was full of them but what i liked about Unknown Pharaoh is it gave you a few choices of locomotion, and the environment was unique and some parts of it were very real. Ok the puzzles were easy but for the price it was worth it. 

3) Super smash Pixel Steam Link simple concept have a racket smash a ball into some blocks avoid the bad blocks hit the good ones.  Very easy to get carried away with this Avoid small spaces and Walls. But if your after a good arm workout and VRporn is not working then 20mins in this game and you will of worked up a good sweat. 

I have to say given all the releases in January it was really easy this month to find a top 3 usually i have so many good titles to pick from it hard to make a choice. But there  was a lot of rubbish released over the last 31 days. 
Lets hope February will be full of good titles. 
Did i miss any good releases? 
What is in your top 3 for January? Remember only titles released in that month. 

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