Still No Email


Still No Email

so i live in Australia and on the 31st of december 2017 around 7 to 9 i had purchased my htc vive that came with $100 for Vivport and Fallout 4 VR and Google Paintbrush and something else.

I still havent recieved an email about my purchase and i had contacted them via facebook (waste of time pretty much)  and they had taken the money out of my account im just not sure whats happened or gone wrong everything had seem to go well i just havent gotten an email yet and i dont know what that means please help.


Re: Still No Email

@Margy, if you just purchased your Vive, and it was purchased directly from (, then the code you're talking about comes in the actual packaging. (See the FAQ in my sig for more on that.)


If you are waiting on an email to confirm your purchase or delivery, and that hasn't come through, please check your spam to make sure it's not in there. If you still need help, you should talk to Australian Customer Care directly.