Seriously Disapointed over Arizona Sunshine.


Seriously Disapointed over Arizona Sunshine.

So Those of you that read my posts know i have been super excited to get my hands on AZ- Arizona Sunshine.
For me i was like a kid at xmas waiting to open my gift only to find i got a moldy orange and a pair of socks instead of a shiny top of the range game. 
Some people are claiming this to be a AAA game. For me it is still an early release and not a full game. 
The things that are wrong with it IMO are the movement/ controls We have a super big trackpad on our controllers that from day one more developers have used to move us around the VR would. 
Not in this case the tiny menu button about the trackpad is our movement. 
The objects in the game serve very little use. They dont interact very well with each other. I picked up a pan swung it around and it went through the cooker. It might be a small niggle but come on if you can pick it up at least give it the same reaction that it would be in the real world.
even early access games with low budgets can get this right. 
The Guns are totally out of line. Dont expect a straight shot. just wont happen. 
Play area is actually very small and shrinks when zombies get to close. 
The loading between areas is to long your left hanging in black space for what seems like ages. 
Overall its just another zombie shooter that's a little bit flashy but far from a finished game. 
I doubt i will be picking this up and playing much more than i have already done. 
Roll on the next realise that i will get hyped over. 

This negative also have noting todo with the developers locking parts of the game to I7 and taking back handers off Intel. 
i had already made these points before i see what they had done. 

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Re: Seriously Disapointed over Arizona Sunshine.

I picked up Arizona Sunshine too. There are a few choices in there which seem a bit odd; using the menu button for movement is one. (I also didn't realize the menu is accessed via your watch until I read it online.) I still have to play a bit more, however.


I know it's 'another' shooter, but did you see ROM: Extraction? Just went live today.


Re: Seriously Disapointed over Arizona Sunshine.

I agree totally. Was looking forward to this game especially after reading the reviews. Pretty disappointed especially trying to play on "Normal" . Can't hit anything unless they are a foot or two away. Turning on laser sights in "Easy" only works inside. Can barely see them in day time. Serious clipping issues and zombies running right through the evnvoirment to get at you. Glad I got this game on a bit of a sale.




Re: Seriously Disapointed over Arizona Sunshine.

i think its a good effort , if we compare AS to the rest of generic "wave shooters" , its not even close to AAA, but at least a full single story line , with multiple game modes. At first i was disappointed too, but once they unlocked horde mode for non-i7 (hope they learned their lessons), i played the single player occassionally ( its tough! )..aiming wise, there is really no soft-aiming, you have to be right smack on on the sights to get a headshot.


Me and a fren played some co-op horde n single player , lots of fun, but was boogged down like 50% of time coz of disconnects, failure to connect, crashes and all the nonsense that failed.


When it work , it works.


Add me up if u wanna do co-op!

Hope you are in Oceanic Zone though