Scraper: First Strike - New level screenshots released.


Scraper: First Strike - New level screenshots released.

Hi everyone,


We thought it would be fun to release a new level screenshot every other day or so until release. Look for the computer terminals in the images to get a sense of scale. Scraper: First Strike has full locomotion, large levels to explore, engineering, scavenging, achievements and a bunch of other high-end RPG shooter elements!


You can check out the combat trailer here.


Or, almost an hour of gameplay here.


Scraper: First Strike releases on 11/21/18 on HTC Vive.

Dev Diary 2 - Almost an hour of uninterrupted PSVR Scraper: First Strike gameplay footage. This covers part of the skydeck and a good portion of the first level. We wanted to demonstrate the large levels, full locomotion, engineering, mission system, lore and the RPG elements in the game. We also
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Re: Scraper: First Strike - New level screenshots released.

I seriously can't wait for this game. Looks better the more and more I see. 

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