RESOLVED: Issues with Tilt Brush / Fallout 4 codes (missing / will not activate)


RESOLVED: Issues with Tilt Brush / Fallout 4 codes (missing / will not activate)

Please note: If you have just purchased a Vive, the code you redeem to get Fallout 4 VR / Tilt Brush is in your box. If you don't have a box yet, no need to ask where it is. :)


UPDATE, 6:07PM (Pacific): This issue should now be resolved. If you have not yet redeemed your code, code redemption is now functioning normally.


We are now in the process of re-emailing all of those affected by the issue previously. You'll receive new codes at the email address you have registered with. Follow the instructions in the email to redeem. You do not need to have sent (or now send!) a PM to me to get emailed (but thanks if you did).


Sending out the emails will take a couple of hours, so please be patient - but if you still do not have a new email (check your spam!) by later tonight, please send me a PM. Thanks once again for your patience while we resolved this issue.



UPDATE, 5:32PM (Pacific) - Our engineers have discovered the root cause of the issue and are working to fix. We are checking all customers who recently redeemed codes. Thanks for your patience.


UPDATE, 4:53PM (Pacific) - We're aware this issue is affecting Fallout 4 VR codes as well. We have people working to resolve this ASAP. I'll update this post with any further information.


If you've experienced this issue, and have not already sent me a PM regarding it, feel free to send me a PM with your registered email address (the one your codes will have been sent to). Click on the link in my sig below to send me a PM, or just click here. Please note: you need to have verified your email address before you can send a PM to me (ie, click the link in the 'email verification' email sent to you when creating your account). - Now not needed (see above).




Hello all. We're investigating an issue with Tilt Brush codes at this time, where codes are not being displayed or activated during the redemption process (see more below). This can affect you if you're redeeming an in-box code that's packed in with a Vive.


We hope to resolve this issue quickly, and I'll keep you informed of any progress here.




When redeeming your in-box code at, you will not see a Tilt Brush code redeemed on the final page (screenshot below). Tilt Brush will also not be seen in your online library, or in your Vive desktop client.




Additionally, you'll receive an email with the code missing (screenshot below - black rectangles where codes should be).