Question. How has VR changed your Life?


Question. How has VR changed your Life?

Its time for another question. How Has VR Change Your Life?
For me Vr has given me More Exercise no more sitting around playing pancake games im up on my feet jumping around and moving so thats got to be a good thing. 
It's also giving me more of a Social connection and i have more "Friends" Just hanging out in Vr chat or Rec room and its easy to start talking to some interesting people and some weird ones as well. 
Ok your turn lets get the group talking. 

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Re: Question. How has VR changed your Life?

I wouldn't say it has changed my life as much what it has changed though is that more friends want to come round and have VR nights :D.

I bring the pc downstairs and shift the dining table out the way and it gives me a huge space to place with.  Playing games like Emily wants to play when people are giddy and maybe have had a beer or 10 is really fun.  Gone are the days all sat around the TV playing bomberman (this does still happen), not its all about laughing at people cowering in the corner screaming :P

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