Pending Fulfillment for 2 months


Pending Fulfillment for 2 months

I ordered a VIVE - Certified Pre-Owned Controller and Rebuff Reality TrackBelt + 2 TrackStrap on March 28 and still haven't received any follow-up email or update to the Order Details page. Is it normal for it to sometimes take this long? I am in the US.

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Re: Pending Fulfillment for 2 months


That definitely seems like a long time. I'm going to send you a PM to follow up with you. Also, I have to move this post. This isn't a technical support question.

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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support on and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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