Multiple Station VR Lab Progress


Multiple Station VR Lab Progress

Well, we now have four functioning Vive Pro stations all working with SteamVR within the same area, served by 6 base station 2.0s. As we added more base stations to the perimeter of the space, the tracking seems to become more stable on each of the setups. The number of differently "seen" base stations differs on each setup. One base station is not visible to one of the setups at all due to the odd configuration of the room's interior walls. But even that station sees three base stations. One station sees all six base stations, though, of course, will only utilize four for tracking.

We used the bluetooth configuration utility to autoscan the room and then made minor number changes to the duplicated numbered base stations. It only needs to be done on one of the stations and afterward, each other station knows the correct number of each base station.

Some hassles: In order to make it work, we had to create separate email accounts for each station. We just used a Gmail account, for now, but hope to migrate that to our school domain in the future. It will be very problematic to use a Gmail account for a classroom full of 25 stations- which is where we will be heading in the Fall of 2019. I'm hoping to have a better system, like an arcade type of distribution, in the future. Vive, if you're listening, please get in touch with me and offer me a solution that would work. Heck, we'll even consider being your Northern California testing station for such a classroom effort, with your help.

Our next phase is to install all the (non) Vive software we'll be using for our students to work with: Unreal Engine, Unity, 3dsMax, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Inventor, Rhino3D, Enscape3D, Lumion. And then all the SteamVR apps that we want students to use for becoming familiar with VR and even some games for just enjoying the entire VR experience.

None of the stations have room-scale use. All are for standing/sitting use only. I have plans to allow for that in the future.