Multiplayer co-op offline


Multiplayer co-op offline

I'm looking to hook two to three computers to sync an offline co-op multiplayer training program... there's instances of three vives working with their respective computers using the same lighthouses, so the only issue left is having the PCs talk to each other without internet capability (tower-stored game on all three) so that each user can work interactively and in tandem.

Has anyone ever tries this before - and are there any potential solutions?  Basically the three PCs would work as a server, of sorts, to play the game for all three members in a co-op (same game) environment.

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Re: Multiplayer co-op offline


What's your game engine? It's the exact same thing as creating a LAN experience except that you have to ensure that all of the PC's share the same exact same SteamVR chaperone configuration file to allow for true co-presence. You'd need to have all 3 PCs connected to each other via a LAN.

If you're using Photon, you'd just set up one of the PCs to be a photon server and have the others connect to that host. 

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