HTC Vive headset Giveaway


HTC Vive headset Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day everyone ! We're a month early saying this,
but because we:heart:you all,
we're giving you a chance to win yourself a HTC Vive, courtesy of Viveport.
You have one month to enter and it'll end on Valentine's Day. Viveport are very kindly providing the HTC Vive, but we're also throwing in one of those HelixxVR t-shirts you all love so much.
Just be warned - we do require a photo of the winner with the HelixxVR shirt and Vive! As with our previous giveaway, if you tune into our livestreams and watch Discord/Twitter, we'll give you daily passwords to give you extra chances to win.
We're adjusting the balance a little this time, so it's much more likely that a familiar name will be winning this, but everyone has a chance! To enter, please watch the video below and then click on the link in the description below: 
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Re: HTC Vive headset Giveaway

Hey everyone! Se7en and the Helixx VR folks are getting close to the end of their giveaway of an HTC Vive set. If you missed it, make sure to check out the post above. 

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