HTC Vive Shipping (EU)


HTC Vive Shipping (EU)


I ordered a HTC VIVE on 12th January 2018 and I still didn't get an update on the process.

The order status says "in process" even though it should be shipped after 3 days.

The money is payed, and I've also checked my E-Mail adress and the spam folder several times

New Arrival

Re: HTC Vive Shipping (EU)

I'm in the same boat. Have got nothing else but confirmation email so far. Feels pretty bad since I could've just paid 50e extra and go buy it from retailer next door and get it right away. The wait is so painful.

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Re: HTC Vive Shipping (EU)

@Kalevanyymi @Haufi


Both of you, please PM me your order numbers if you live in North America. Otherwise, contact our Live Chat support on our website.

Thank you,

-John C

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