Getting more than a little frustrated

Getting more than a little frustrated

I bought my Vive, and I am super happy with it. I bought a new computer, and again, I'm super happy with it.

Where I am beginning to become frustrated, is the complete and utter lacks of GAMES that I can play. I want to make a distinction here. TheBlu is NOT a game, it is a tech demo, and it's beautiful. And the majority of "games" so far for the Vive fall along the same lines. They are tech demos, or they are stand/sit in one spot and do something.

Again, they are fun, I have no complaints about those things.

I want a GAME!!!!!!! I want to be able to MOVE around. Not teleport a couple meters at a time. That is an interesting mechanic, and I'm done with it now.

There are hacks you can do in order to play things like Fallout 4 in VR.

I don't want to do a hack in order to play a game. I want to load up Steam VR, go to my library, and select the GAME I want to play. And right now, there are none. Yes they are tech demos, and stand in one place and shoot things experiences, but that is all there is right now.

PSVR is out, and they have like what? 5 actual games you can play? As well as tech demos and your typical stand in place and do X?

I am not boohooing the Vive. Personally I think it is the best VR option out there by a large margin. But I have no games to play on it, and there are only so many times I can stand in the middle of my room and shoot ninjas, space pirates, bugs, robots, criminals, zombies or whatever other skin is being draped over the exact same game over and over again.


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Agreed we need more games, but it is also still early in the development cycle. Most of the bigger better games started right after Vive's release are only going to be rolling out starting next year. 


And to be fair, those PSVR games, if you read any reviews, are either VORPX type adaptions of nonVR games that leave alot to be desired (not fun, feel 2D even in VR, etc) or are, suprise, tech demos (inferior to Vive's too by the way.) for example, compare this to the Blu's graphics and room scale. And even any original made for VR PSVR games,  are said to lack detail (To be less resource intense) and are so far boring.


Not smacking PSVR, it's a great system for what it is, I just think it proves it just takes time to develop good original VR content no matter who you are.

For the first time see direct feed from the Project Morpheus shark attack experience The Deep.

Re: Getting more than a little frustrated

VR is at an early stage, and just as with HDTV years back developers focus on the novelty of it. This is uncharted territory for developers and it will take time to find out what a VR game actually entails. So yeah while there are quality games (Job Simulator, EVE Valkerie, Raw Data, etc) most are indeed more 'experiences' and like the great John Carmack said; "developers need to stop coasting on novelty'.


We are early adopters my friend, the frustration of lack of content is part of the game, excuse the pun ;)


Re: Getting more than a little frustrated

Try Onward very immersive mil sim game if you like fps games you will get a good workout on that.


If your an RPG fan Vanishing Realms is well worth a go



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I think there are some titles worth labelling as a game instead of a tech demo. However they tend to have wonky mechanics and are not easy to control. For example Spell Fighter VR and Poly Runner VR (The concept is great but what were they thinking with those controls).


Surgeon Simulator and job simulator have gameplay but I understand that you don't like being stuck in one area. Same for tabletop simulator, Fruit Ninja, Keep Talking and nobody explodes. Personally I like a lot of The Lab's  minigames but grows stale.


The biggest games I can think of are Elite Dangerous (there will never be a bigger game. ever.) and Project Cars. As for the rest, we need to wait until VR support in Unreal Engine and CryEngine matures I'm afraid for pretty pictures.


And I have  a sneaking suspicion that the final card up Valve's sleeve is that they are gamedevelopers and we should really expect proof from them that a AAA game in VR is possible.