I got my vive over a year ago. It works great, and I've loved using it.

Over time, through lots of use, I had to send in one of my controllers which would track or turn on for some reason. HTC fixed it and sent it back to me within 2 weeks. Great, right?

Now, about 2 months ago, I returned the controller AGAIN after the touchpad wouldnt work. I don't play THAT hard with my controllers - just as any other guy, and HTC said, yet again it would only take a few weeks to return.

Like I've said, its been 2 MONTHS.

I have contacted support around 5 or so times, requesting information on my issue, and every time they just say "We'll get back to you with more information later, sorry"

Every time I think this issue will be fixed, I get no word back, except for this most recent time where the only reply I got back two days later was "we're looking into it, dont worry."

At this point I am EXTREMELY upset and frustrated about this. I haven't been able to use the system for two whole months just because no one from suppot seems to be able to respond to me properly. I want my controller back. Send me a brand new one if you have to. Just get it to me.

I don't want to sound like some greedy customer, but because of this I want some sort of compensation. Maybe in store credit or something? I'm really looking forward to the Wireless Adapter and the Knuckles controllers. Been wanting that Vive Pro, too, but I'm not paying for another whole vive with no way of getting reimbursed for my current one.

just please, HTC, get me back my controller. I'm tired of waiting.

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Hi, I just sent you a PM.

Thank you,

- John C

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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support on and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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Re: Frustration

It seems Vive has only one person on shipping and repairing duty. 


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