Favorite Game/s ?


Favorite Game/s ?

Hello there, community !

I was curious to find out what is/are your favorite games in VR ? 

I got my Vive last tuesday. Since then I have tried some games of course, but recently (3 days ago), I got my hands on ONWARD. All I could say is  WOW!  So far I  never had an experience like this before. The game itself is amazing, people playin it are quite friendly all the time. I really recommend this game as a must have. Keep in mind that I'm not a FPS fan at all. Actually considering my age, family etc. I'm not a occasional gamer also. Before my Vive, when I got the time to play I was playing Fifa the most. But this game in VR is something beyond my expectation of experience. So I believe We still have a lot to explore and sharing your experience with your favorite games might be helpful for others. 



Thanks to HTC for making that amazing piece of hardware! 

Thanks to all the developers out there that are bringing such a cool apps/games/experinece to enjoy! 

Thanks also to the guy who developed the game I mention in this post ! 

I Love it ! 





Re: Favorite Game/s ?

Hey @KingRangnar Welcome to the community. 
Here are my fav games in no particular order. 
Onward, Rec room, Google Earth, JohnWick if you want a short but polished game.
SportsbarVr. They should keep you busy 

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Re: Favorite Game/s ?

Elite: Dangerous and Lazerbait. Smiley Happy


Re: Favorite Game/s ?

Just got my Vive yesterday but so far:

Zombie Training Simulator, Golf Club VR (But it really needs a club attachment. Going to create my own eventually), Google Earth, Waltz of the Wizard is very nice visually and King Spray Grafitti. 

 Have a few in wishlist that I'll probably grab soon.. mostly room escape games. 


And like what was said before me,, Such a great System. I specifically built a new PC just for the Vive. Last build was about 7-8 years ago so I was due Smiley Happy