Competition Time Again


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Thank you for the key! I really appreciate it!


Re: Competition Time Again

Hi Se7en11


No, please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate what you do, and recognise the generosity from the developers, in addition, I If I was being honest, I didn't even realise it was the same offer, I actually thought it was another competition.


Moving on, Yes... I've not played MP games now for over 20 years, I purposely stay away from anything other than Steam and never actually signed into friends, It really does end the fun prematurely not being able to convince myself that It's perfectly fine & normal (Not going into depth about it here in public).



It'll be great to see VR, or more so content being offered more to the mental health sector, however, I understand it's up to the developers to produce the content, though It is actually helping a lot of people with mental issues, and go on in making adjustments back into a normal life, my own Psychiatrist as also expressed an interest in working with VR, more so since she knows I recently built a new rig capable of running VR although still saving for the unit.


 Again, I meant nothing personal, I hope I've cleared that up if there was any misunderstanding.


Kind regards



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Re: Competition Time Again

Thanks for the information @Alienmoon i have sent you a pm to continue this converstaion further 

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