Buying Vive Pro accessory kit


Buying Vive Pro accessory kit

I got a Vive pro hmd from a friend but it turns out I need the base stations and controllers to even use it seated/non room scale.

I want to buy just the 2 bases stations and controllers separate but even on Vives website, I can't do it. I can add the accessory kit to my cart, but it won't let me without also adding a HMD. Then when I go to delete the HMD because I already have one it also deletes the accessory kit. I want to give Vive $300 for the kit but I can't find anywhere online to buy the full kit. It's literally more expensive to buy each piece separate on Amazon than to buy a full original Vive kit. 


News from April of 2018 says it should be available but I can't find anything, any help would be much appreciated.,36760.html

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Re: Buying Vive Pro accessory kit


Hi Fek,

You can use the original 1.0 generation controllers and base stations, so you don't have to try to find 2.0 controllers and base stations to get your HMD working.

Thank you,

-John C

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