Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC

Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC

Hi, I bought Arizona Sunshine on Viveport, but I´m starting to regret that. Apparently the new Dead Man DLC is not available in Viveport, and I can´t buy it on Steam, as it says I need to own the game first...


Will it ever be available?

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Re: Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC

@Tha_replicant, we are currently working with Verigo Games on this. 

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Re: Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC

Seriously you are not missing out on Much. 
The Game is just as buggy as the day it was released. I Really do a lot to Support VR and its Devs but you will never hear me say a good word about AZ or Vertigo games. 

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Re: Arizona Sunshine: Dead Man DLC

Do you know long this will take? It’s a little disappointing and just makes me want to buy my games off Steam. Really want to support you guys as much as possible but to want to miss out by doing so. Thanks