2.0 tracking more reliable?


2.0 tracking more reliable?

I’m currently using a standard Vive setup. The two base stations are mounted at the wall around 2m above ground. Their distance is around 5.20m.


I’m experiencing some issues with the tracking failing, probably caused by reflections in the room. I can eliminate them almost completely by covering the 65” TV set and the 2 windows, but even then there ae some rare cases where the tracking acts up and the VR is toppling over.


I’ve tried to cnnect the stations with the cable, but that doesn’t make a difference.


Since it’s working good enough for now, I can live with it. However, if the new gemeration would improve the tracking, I’d consider paying the insane amount to switch over to Vive Pro + Tracking 2.0.


Has someone made any experiences with the new tracking, especially in areas which are prone to reflections?

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Re: 2.0 tracking more reliable?

@Grestorn, Some community members have reported enhanced sensitivity to reflections and provided logs  which we're assessing. This short video shows the easiest way to debug reflections. 


2.0's feature set is controlled by Valve and is generally designed around increased flexibility. Your lighthouses are 20cm longer than the max supported length, but fall within the new basestation's 6m range. The answer to your question likely lies in what the feature set 2.0 ultimately supports but since 2.0 is a laser based system, it may still have similar issues depending on your environment. 


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After experiencing serious controller tracking issues I came up with a method for detecting reflections in the play area using a strobing headlamp. After covering the picture frame and other reflective surfaces with a sheet, my Vive controllers track perfectly.