[Viveport SDK] Get player's email address.


[Viveport SDK] Get player's email address.


Simple question, is there a way to retrieve the player's email address ? (the one used by its HTC account)
I know I can get the userID and the userName, but what about the email ?

Thank you !

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Re: [Viveport SDK] Get player's email address.

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I'm pretty sure that we're unable to surface that specific layer of PID (personally identifiable information). One reason accountID's exist is to specifically help obfuscate sensitive personal info like an email address by replacing it with a psudorandom string. Legislation like GDPR specifically applies this kind of PID and disclosure - it gets complicated really quickly.


@yakingkuo from the Viveport SDK can provide a confirmation as to if our SDK can surface that data. 

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