Vive with Lip capability


Vive with Lip capability

So I've downloaded the SRanipal SDK, looking to do some experiementation with eye tracking, hand tracking and lip tracking - but I can'not find a place to buy the hardware (i.e. where's the lip tracking module)  - I expect that it's a dev-only thing, but the SDK just says of the hardware "Vive HMD with Lip capability" with no hints. I've asked some HTC folks and have gotten the response "Look that the dev forums" - but I see nary a mention. Can someone get in touch with me please re: lip tracking?

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Re: Vive with Lip capability

PM sent.


FYI, the lip tracking module is not a consumer device and is not planned for sale currently.  We are working with developers and enterprise that are interested in experimenting with it for potential applications.

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