VR Preview Scene crashing everytime across all PCs


VR Preview Scene crashing everytime across all PCs

We're developing our VR preview scene, but it keeps on crashing when we 'load scene'. The skybox can be loeaded successfully. The log-file shows shader problem, but we're using a whole new unity project.

Unity version 2017.2.0f3

Anyone with the same problem?

Link to error log: https://justpaste.it/1i6lb 


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Re: VR Preview Scene crashing everytime across all PCs

Hi @Laugster

The SceneSDK only supports engine version 5.5.2f1 currently (as stated in the documentation); you'll have to import your assets into that version to get the SDK to work properly. Newer versions of Unity have a different backend rendering pipeline that's currently incompatible with our platform. 


Thank you for implementing SceneSDK in your launch; feel free to post here with any additional questions that may arise. 

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