Using tracker without HMD


Using tracker without HMD

I have been trying to find a way to use the VIVE tracker for developer purposes without having to buy a VR helmet. I have tried to modify the configuration of the Steam VR program, first by telling him not to require a HMD and second by loading the null HMD driver. I want to use triad_openvr, which is a python script that can access the VR devices and test them.

The thing is, Steam VR and the VIVE tracker say that they are paired, but while executing the script, it only lists the null HMD device. I know the problem is not inside the script, because Unity suffers the same problem. What can I do?  

image.pngPython script output

"requireHmd": false,
"forcedDriver": "null",

"activateMultipleDrivers": true,


These are the change I made to the SteamVR config file.


"driver_null" : {
"requireHmd": false,
"forcedDriver": "null",
"activateMultipleDrivers": true,
"enable" : true,


And these the one I made to the null driver config file.

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Re: Using tracker without HMD

Hello @MKuma

Using the tracker without an HMD is not considered a supported used case for the hardware at this point in time. The only place I can point you to is this article from Triad Semiconductor that discusses one potential way to implement this. If you're having issues with the script, I would email the contact email in the article.

To reach Viveport's customer service team, email

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Re: Using tracker without HMD

As per Valve's note about this from the steamvr community forum:

"Instead of setting requireHmd=false, set activateMultipleDrivers=true and enable the null driver."


i.e. add activateMultipleDrivers set to true in the "steamvr" section of steamvr.vrsettings and also add a "driver_null" section with "enable"  set to true and that's it.


note 1: never make edits while steamvr is running

note 2: the null driver is the sample driver  - see the source code for additional info


Re: Using tracker without HMD

Hello MKuma,

I'm tying to use Traker without HMD ( Python - Linux )
What do you use? pyopenvr ?

I tried pyopenvr, nevertheless i have a problem ...
Thank you