Specifications for the Vive Wireless Adapter Hardware?


Specifications for the Vive Wireless Adapter Hardware?

I'm looking to set up 8 different Vive pro wireless adapters for a 24'x24' space for clients. We're using Base Station 2.0s and a LAN networked backend to allow 8 users to share the tracking space, but are having some issues with wireless adapter line of sight when the transmitters are placed 6-7 feet off the ground.


I'm hoping to get as many specifications as I can in regards to the transmitter's reliable range, horizontal/vertical FOV, and anything else that could be relevant to ideal transmitter placement for maximum converage and consistent line-of-sight. I'm also inquiring about any further best practices for this type of install.


If it's relevant, the install location has 9' ceilings which can be mounted to.



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Re: Specifications for the Vive Wireless Adapter Hardware?

@dsitnick - This slipped by; I'm now responding with advanced setup info via email 

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