Punch a hole to VR application


Punch a hole to VR application



I'm a complete newbie to whole AR/VR business and was wondering is the following scenario somehow possible:


If I'm using HTC Vive in simulator I'd like to make a "hole" to the VR world and fill that part with video from camera? Is this somehow possible with some Vive developing tools or would I have to do this "hole" in the simulator software? So can I somehow override part of the simulator video with HTC developing tools?



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Re: Punch a hole to VR application



This is totally possible but integration pathways can vary dramatically. If you're attempting to use the front camera as the feed - your integration complexity can vary widely. At a high level, you can make something quick and dirty by treating your camera as a generic webcam source and treating it as a webcam texture - this is really true of any camera feed or video you're trying to integrate and your approach will depend on the engine and which source you're trying to pull data from. 


Portal functionality is actually included in the SRWorks SDK for Vive Pro - you can see it in use here: youtube.com/watch?v=ICEegHQcZlc. This is focused on using the HMD cameras. 


A end-user tool to accomplish a similar goal is OVRDrop which is crazy helpful for devs and livestreamers - it shows what you can do by targeting OpenVR and tackling it from the SteamVR compositor layer rather than at the application layer. 

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