Mobile Beta Release


Mobile Beta Release

I want to test signing into my Viveport account on android to get my username and ID in game. But in the developer dashboard I don't see a way to submit a beta release. If I create a PC a title I have the option, just not for mobile. Is it not possible at this moment to release for beta for mobile or am I looking in the wrong places?

Also, is it even possible to get your username and ID on mobile? I know you can on PC.

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Re: Mobile Beta Release

@BizarreJelly5, I've PMed you

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Re: Mobile Beta Release


We haven't done the beta release feature for mobile in developer dashboard yet, and targeted to have it around May. We will let you know once the feature is done. 

And please follow below document link to use the API to get username and ID. Btw, the ID is not real user id instead an unique id.

Please let me know if you have furthur question, thanks a lot. 


Re: Mobile Beta Release

Are there any news on this? I have also tried to publish a beta for the Focus and it looks like there is still no option for this.