HTC VIVE input


HTC VIVE input

I would  like to know  how to  Input controllers.

Accesing vive controlers  by SteamVR  =quite confusing

Accesing controlers  via OpenVR, even more confusing

isn't  there something simple  like,





could  sombody write simple sample code for accesing vive controllers  with

A)steam vr

B)Open Vr

c).. something else

 I need to update my game for  vive

 but when I think of using SteamVR sdk once again, Iam geting vomiting impulse


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Re: HTC VIVE input

The Vive Input Utility will probably help. 

@Dario, do you have any other resources that can help? 

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Re: HTC VIVE input

Hi, ha that's exactly why we made VIU available. It's exactly as the code you described and with the prefabs even easier. Also you can target openvr, oculus runtime, daydream, wave, windows mr and more with the same code.


And in addition to the asset store, it's open sourced on GitHub: