DRM protection and test users


DRM protection and test users


we ran into an issue while testing the DRM protection in our app. If a test user is verified and logged in, the DRM works fine and the game starts with no problem. If we want to start the app on another computer with someone else logged in, it too works as expected an the app shuts down. 

However, it looks like the test users automatically gain access forever. I removed a test user from the list and he was still able to start the app. Even after computer/viveport restart the DRM check still thinks he is authorized and allows the app to start.

Is this intentional behavior? How can I ensure that once I remove a test user he can no longer access the app?


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Re: DRM protection and test users


I am migrating this post into our developer support ticketing system using the email address associated with the account that you posted with... I definitely want to flag our developer console team about what you're seeing and get their feedback on it. 

To reach Viveport's customer service team, email customerservice@viveport.com

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