Question for ADB Connecting

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Question for ADB Connecting

I am currently working out on VIVE to integrate Android based player for video service.
Though I have done it successfully with VIVE, when i tried to do the same job with VIVE, it didnt work.
Thus, i have some multiple questions in this regard. I need to know how to connect the developing tool.
1. Please let me know how to enable Developer mode if there is any.
2. Do you have any driver to connect "Android studio" by usb cable?
3. Let me know how to check wifi IP to connect "Adb connect 192.168.0.x"
Many thanks in advance

Re: Question for ADB Connecting

First please check the Vive Wave SDK forum (I'm assuming you meant Vive Focus)


Developer mode is enabled same as any Android device, there shouldn't be a need to install a driver, please see adb-tips reference at the above forum for using adb connect (did you mean adb tcpip to run over wifi?).