Vive Focus & Architectural Walkthroughs

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Vive Focus & Architectural Walkthroughs

Hello! First time poster...

I have been very interested in the VR space for architectural walkthroughs for quite some time and a lot of companies have made this posible using the original Vive.... I guess what I have been waiting for is something untethered allowing people to walk significant distances in VR - The focus is perfect for this......


Anyone got any info on where I can start looking to bridge the gap between architectural software like Archicad and the Vive Focus?  Seems like a really logical progression for this industry.



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Re: Vive Focus & Architectural Walkthroughs

I'm also interested in this topic and planning to buy a couple of headsets for AEC design visualization.

I'm curious about how the device would work wirelessly as the resolution is the same crisp as it's on Vive pro. 



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Re: Vive Focus & Architectural Walkthroughs

Hi All,


Kindly to know you're quite interested on Vive Focus, any specific topics you'd like to know.

There're lots of posts in the past year on this Forum, and maybe you'd find some valuable info. here.