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Sustainable Development Goals - VR experience


Sustainable Development Goals - VR experience

I've been thinking about the aim of this forum as set out by David in the Welcome post.

As an educator I am quite familar with the SDGs and have looked at different ways to approach/tackle them with students. I definitely feel that there is an opportunity to raise awareness of them using VR.


Whilst thinking about potential links between the SDGs and existing VR experiences/apps available on the Vive, I started thinking - what would be powerful would be an actual Sustainable Development Goals app!


Imagine: a menu loads looking like the SDG graphic then the user clicks on any of the 17 tiles to launch a short VR experience to highlight the importance/relevance of that goal. This could be a VR film, an empathatic experience where you step into someone else's shoes, a short virtual lesson etc etc


What do you all think?




Re: Sustainable Development Goals - VR experience

I think that's a great idea - would make the SDGs a little bit more tangible!


Just thinking of what we would need to make this happen - probably should be an initiative by the UN or UNVR themselves?


Re: Sustainable Development Goals - VR experience

Hey Steve,


This is a fantastic idea and I would love to collaborate with you on this!