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Social VR for Learning


Social VR for Learning

Hi all! My name is Gabe and I'm the founder of Edorble, an ed-tech startup that helps teachers and students create, publish, or use social VR environments for learning. I'm a former teacher and educational researcher. Edorble currently has a few hundred teachers and students trying out our beta, and we recently launched the Edorble Creator Tools (, a plug-in built on top of Unity 3D that helps people publish their Unity creations to Edorble, turning them into social learning environments. For those new to Unity 3D, we also run courses geared towards total beginners at Edorble Academy on how to get started with Unity and our Creator Tools. 


Edorble can support hundreds of users at once, works on Vive/Rift/PC/Mac, and is being built specifically with the needs of teachers and students in mind. It's early days for us, but we've been gathering great feedback from our beta users about what they'd like to see next in tools like this. 


I'd love to hear from anyone who has interest in the social/collaborative VR for learning space. What do you want to see next in tools like this? What makes the collaborative VR experience better than other collaborative web-based tools? What areas of education do you see tools like this having the most impact?


If you're curious to read more about what we do, feel free to check out,, or


All best,




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Re: Social VR for Learning

Hey Gabe,


great project you're working on! I think many here will agree that VR will change the way we learn, so it's great that people like you are building that change Smiley Happy


Would love to help and give feedback - how do I become a beta tester? Smiley Happy



Re: Social VR for Learning

Gabe already knows that I'm an Edorble fan but for those that haven't tried it yet I can tell you it is really impressive.


I have beta tested both the dektop and VR versions of Edorble over the last few months.

Some musings on it here:


PS The HistoryView team even showed me a beta build of a museum they improted into it (scanned using Matterport) - the implications of putting the creation tool in educators hands is massive!

Vive Staff

Re: Social VR for Learning

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@Edorble This sounds like a really cool platform! Excited to try it out! Out of curiosity, how are you coordinating with all of your beta testers? 


Re: Social VR for Learning

Hi @VibrantNebula, we launched the "Edorble Pioneer Program" where we keep track of who has signed up. We haven't coordinated a lot of large events because of time zone differences and the like, but we keep track of how our users are using it with their own communities so that we can better understand their use cases, pain points, and feedback. 


We also have users generated over at Edorble Academy, where we run a course on how to use our "Edorble Creator Tools", a plugin for Unity 3D that lets users publish their 3D scenes to Edorble, quickly turning it into a cross-platform, multiplayer environment. 


Want to check out the Vive beta? Smiley Happy