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flashing grey screen


Re: flashing grey screen

Hi all again.


Thanks to @jagibson I was contacted by HTC support during my vacation, and they were really kind and supportive. Thank you for managing this. 


At first they told me they were going to send the headset to Taiwan, but they have sent me a  label for sending the headset to Romania, not to Taiwan. I told them about all of this but they say they will first send it to Romania. This is a bit dissapointing. I have no faith they will do anything different now. Same actions, same expected results :-(. So I think I will get my headset back as repaired just beacause they won't detect the failure.


Anyway, they have written down the indication that the problem may take more than one hour to appear.


I will keep you updated.


Re: flashing grey screen

I'm coming back to this thread to check in on any pinpointed issues from HTC? I did the trick of covering one of the sensors for now to fix my grey issues, but still find it highly annoying I need to do that.

Is it the sensor thats completly **bleep**ing our headsets? The 3-in-1? Our linkbox?


Re: flashing grey screen

i did the test @TheLuk asked me to do. I switched back to the power bar i was using previously and the problem appeared after around one hour. Then i switched again to the power plug without surge protection and played for a few hours. Normal gameplay went smooth, but i was able to willingly reproduce the issue if i kept staring for a few minutes at the virtual ceiling. Keeping my head in that position, even in clear view of both base stations, caused the screen to go grey after a while.

So, in the end, now that temperatures are lower, the issue is much less prominent. 

Everything is pointing in the direction of this being primarily an issue about overheating. I find it very strange that HTC Staff didn't manage to give us a serious answer in all these months. I am guessing they know the problem is heat related, they have no fix, and they are just hoping that with the end of the summer the problem will be less apparent and people will shut up and will not be too vocal about it.


Re: flashing grey screen

Hello @stikaz, thanks for the test. So it is confirmed that the problem is somehow related to heat, but I'm a bit puzzled that it will appear almost immediately when you look at the ceiling; probably the issue also has a software component to consider. I hope this fact could provide some additional indication to htc technical staff ...


Re: flashing grey screen

@stikaz I am also inclined to this opinion. I meanwhile lost interest to Vive. It seems to me when the problem will be solved already in the trend of other devices. And it will be possible to buy Vive in ebay for $ 100. The time virtual reality is probably not yet arrived.


Re: flashing grey screen

Hello everyone, it's very sad situation, that we , after so many time, don't have any info about it. More over, they have my HDM and no one can tell me, did it show the problem or not. I'll got the replacement hdm soon and make some tests. I hope all will be fine.  


I'm realy grateful John ( @jagibson ) for his care, but even the support team on this forum is helpless. I think we have a communication problem between US and Eu offices of HTC.  


Support team, can you add to this conversation a real tech spetialist or anyone from the executives , who is responsible for problems like this (it's better). I think they want to have a conversation with their clients. I know, that HTC repair center in Romania has some wrong HDMs, so, let them write, how the analysis of they.


HTC team , let's work together!


Re: flashing grey screen



After ~15 mins of regular usage, I experience increasing freq of grey screen flickering which turns to solid within 1-2 minutes. When I put the HMD to the air conditioner to cool down it can be usable after 3+ mins for another 15 mins. Room temp varies between 23-30+ Celsius degree. I tried to check the temp. of the connected USB in hmd. It is very hot/almost burning hot. One more thing, when I look down sometimes I can see a grey screen than I look horizontal and it disappears close to the ~15 mins of usage. Probably the panel on the front side does not able to dissipate the heat properly and stuck there which can cause an intermittent overheating issue. After unpacked the vive, I updated to the latest firmware.

I really like the product, however, I am hardly able to play/use within this short amount of time which is unacceptable. I bought it from Amazon 3-3.5 weeks ago. On the next week, I will return it most probably.


I sent the details to the eng./support team as well, they wrote me that soon someone will contact to me. That was more than a week ago.


@jagibson @Synthesis I am wondering whether you had a chance to try on your side to have a meeting room with the heating turned on, than have a play with the HMD for at least 30+ mins ? What was the result ? Smiley Wink 


All, what if you remove the cover from the cable connectors and leave it open through the game play ? The heating can be exhausted more easier through the open hole. 


Thanks !


Re: flashing grey screen

HTC team, please make a reaction on my last post. Thank you.

Re: flashing grey screen

Mine is manufactured in 2016/10. Same issue, grey screeon shows up after about 15-30 minutes of play. It started about 2 months after I bought the vive. It doesn't look like there is any environmental issue that is consistently associated with this issue. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse, for no apparent reason.


Re: flashing grey screen

kimorra wrote:


So, I'm done being suspicious of RF interferrence, or USB 3 vs USB 2, or faulty lighthouses, or reflections, or bad video/USB drivers. For those of you, like me, that have flawless tracking for 20+ minutes, followed by grey flashes that get progressively more frequent, try cooling the front of the headset.

You are right! I have been strugling all night with my vive completely unplayable. Finally tried turning the thermostat of the air conditioning down a few degrees. Problem dissapeared!

The room was at 79F when I had the problem. Now it is 74F.




Re: flashing grey screen

HTC team why still no reaction here on my and others last posts?

Re: flashing grey screen

Hello, HTC team!
Could you answer what results did you achieve and what actions were taken by the HTC staff in three months (on June 21 this topic was open to me) to solve the problem?

New Arrival

Re: flashing grey screen

I'm having the same grey screen issues. The unit is fairly new (early Aug 2017) and the issue began about a week after purchase. I had come to this forum and found that I wasn't the only one with the issue and that an investigation was underway, so I decided I would just hang in there for a fix... and... still nothing. *sigh*


I did find covering a sensor helped, but it seemed to only double my playtime (to 30 minutes, maybe). I don't even try to play anymore... it's just not worth it.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to expedite the process.

New Arrival

Re: flashing grey screen

Hello to all,


HTC support I am hoping you can help me with the repair of my HTC Vive VR headset. Like others I am experiencing the problem of grey flickering after 30 minutes which renders the headset unusable. It doesn’t matter what application I am running. I have updated the firmware of all of the devices. I started trying to locate the problem by examining the base stations. They are located properly have been tested both with and without the sync cable. They have all their IR dots seeming lit and have no obvious errors in the log. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all Steam and Vive software. I have tried both the USB 3.1 and 3.0 ports on the motherboard. I have tried both HDMI and Displayport connections. Nothing helps.


Something is wrong with the hardware. Can you please help me with this? Here is my info you wanted from earlier posts in this thread. Although it is discouraging to see how long this thread has been open with no resolution.


HMD Serial and date Manufacture: FA685JJ0****    2016/11 (omitted last 4)


Purchase Date: December 2016


Grey Screen: After 30 minutes or so it begins to flicker grey. The problem starts intermittently but quickly gets worse. Over about 15 mins it becomes unusable because the greyouts are so frequent.


When problem began (more or less): April 2017


Your location: United States


OS Version: Windows 10 version 1703


Computer Make/Model or Motherboard if homebuilt: ASUS Maximus Extreme VIII


RAM: 16gb ddr4


Networking or other cards plugged in to motherboard: Intel Ethernet Connection


Graphics Card:  NVIDIA 980ti


General Computing Environment and Set up: 


Steam Version: Both the ongoing current version and the Beta


VR Home Beta enabled/disabled: Both


Viveport installed/not installed: Installed


Oculus or revive or other VR environment installed:  Oculus and Revive

I look forward to hearing from you, Thanks John



Re: flashing grey screen

HTC team, it isn't normal, that you make no reaction on your clients posts here.