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flashing grey screen


Re: flashing grey screen

Hello everybody!

Dear HTC staff,

What news? What results have you achieved in recent times? Please do not be silent.


Re: flashing grey screen

Hello @AGR-13!

Did you succeed in testing more?


Re: flashing grey screen

Hello @AGR-13 is there any news about your new HDM? Is it Ok or it has the same problems?


Re: flashing grey screen

Hi everybody


First, let me thank John and other HTC employees in the background for your support - even if this is a painful road to go. But it feels good to go it together. 







Yesterday I had time to test the exchanged HMD again for 2h with the old firmware and then around 2-3h with the new firmware. 


environment & other variables:
- the same than last time - no changes
- tested EVE: Valkyrie and some games in seating position with and without Vive controller
- room temp was around 26.9°C - so again warmer than last time


- no issues during the whole playing time 
- no issues also in the steamVR overlay (no greyouts of the lighthouse symbols)
- new Vive is also getting hot (measured by touch on front) - I assume even a bit hotter than the old one, but I didn't test the old one such a long time - but still no issue


- I seems, that heat alone is not responsible for the issue to happen. It needs also a factor more - maybe one ore more faulty sensor(s) - to make the issue happen in combination with heat. 
- I was never able to play that long time with my old HMD during the last months - so I assume, that the exchanged HMD is OK (it still needs to prove over time). I now have a better feeling.


-> so, this seems to be good news for the moment - I keep my fingers crossed! Man Very Happy


I still expect answers to what's going on in the lab at HTC now


best, AGR-13


Re: flashing grey screen

@AGR-13 Thanks for the info!
This indicates a defect in the helmet in hardware.
Well, let's see what statement will make the HTC.


Re: flashing grey screen

Yeah but mine worked for several months before it started malfunctioning, so unless a hardware change has been made I would not be surprised if the new one started having problems in a few months.


Re: flashing grey screen

I also have the flashing gray screen problem. I usually play room-scale and I played several months (from November 2016 to about June 2017) without the issue.

Here are the infos that @jagibson require:
HMD Serial and date of purchase: FA6B4JJ00301 - 11/2016

Grey Screen: does  it flicker or stay solid grey? Starts flickering after 10-15 minutes, then the problem increases until the screen becomes competently gray.

When problem began (more or less): June 2017

Your location: Italy

OS Version: Windows 10 version 1703 Build 15063.540

Computer Make/Model or Motherboard if homebuilt: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - i7 6700k 4GHz

RAM: 32GB ddr4

Networking or other cards plugged in to motherboard: Sound Blaster Zx

Graphics Card:  ASUS GeForce STRIX-GTX1080-A8G

General Computing Environment and Set up: 1 Monitor Full HD - DVI

Steam Version: beta and public - The problem occurs with both versions

VR Home Beta enabled/disabled: enabled

Viveport installed/not installed: I tried with and without - same behavior

Oculus or revive or other VR environment installed:  oculus and revive installed, but I also tried without, with the same result


Re: flashing grey screen

I am sorry that I still can't find the time to post here , but I've been busy a lot lately so ... I will try to find time these days to post my statements and info that we were all asked to give. After I bought and set an AC in my room and keep the temperature at 23 C , I haven't got any issues, but I've only had the time to play twice and longest was not more than 3 hours. Anyway, so far I guess it's obvious that the reason causing this problem is hardware issue, and therefore the only reasonable solution I see is that we all get an exchange with new HMD's . 


Re: flashing grey screen

I added a post last night with all my details, but after editing it a few times, it seems it is still waiting to be approved by the list Admin.  Hoping it shows up soon, because I didn't keep a copy Smiley Sad


Re: flashing grey screen

Ok, I'm going to try this one more time since my post from last night seems to have been lost in the ether, and I too, have been having this same issue for about 2 weeks now.



  • Manufactured 1/2017
  • Connected via DP-MiniDP cable
  • Purchased 7/11/2107
  • Problem started about 2 weeks ago



  • MSI Z270 SLI w/ v1.70 BIOS
  • MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X
  • Intel i7-7700 NOT overclocked
  • 32GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 PC-3200 SDRAM
  • Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVMe - M.2 SSD
  • Patriot Hellfire 480GB M.2 SSD
  • EVGA 650 GQ, 80+ Power Supply
  • FocusRite Scarlet Solo Audio
  • Logitech WebCam HD615
  • Thrustmaster HOTAS 4



  • Using Steam Public version (not Beta)
  • Updated ASMedia USB eXtensible Host Controller Driver to v1.16.36.1, dated 7/11/2016


Additional Notes:

My Vive worked beautifully for the first few weeks without any issues.  I played several hours at a time my first few days, but for the time, only played around with demo's and the free game I received with purchase.  My main reason for setting up VR is because I wanted to do a space combat simulator in VR.  I spent a few weeks choosing my game (Elite: Dangerous), and another few days getting my controller (Thrustmaster HOTAS 4) to work.  So it was not until I got everything installed and configured before I started noticing the issue.  Unfortunately, I am not sure if I ran into this issue my first night playing, but honestly, after getting everything working, I just tried a training mission or two before passing out.  So it may have been there from the very beginning.


As others have noted, it works fine for maybe 20-40 minutes, maybe slightly longer.  Since I can spend a lot of time in E: D in the station menu's, I may not even move my head for a while... so the issue either happens when I'm in the middle of a dogfight, or when I first move my head after being in station menu's for too long.


At that point, it usually is only a momentary flash of solid gray, but the duration and frequency both increase over the next few minutes until the Vive screens stay gray.  As it begins to fail, I can still perform actions in my game, and HEAR that I am doing something, but when the screen stays solid gray, no other actions seem to occur, and the screen mirror has frozen (though it continues to work as the gray flashes increase).


After reviewing other threads, and this one, I tried updating the BIOS of my motherboard, updating the USB drivers direct from the MoBo manfacturer, re-aligning my base stations, moving my Vive USB connection from a shared 3.0 hub to a dedicated 2.0 MoBo port, and reduced the frame rate of the camera in the Vive settings.  None of these actions seems to have had any effect.


So, having this for only 6 weeks, I am VERY discouraged to have found this thread only yesterday, and see that people have been having this issue since at least June, maybe even March, with NO resolution yet from HTC.


I'm beginning to wonder if I should pressure Amazon to accept a return, since it took this long to find out it can't do what I bought it for Smiley Sad




Re: flashing grey screen

So here's a thought:


My issue only started occuring about the time I installed and started using my Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 controller for Elite: Dangerous.


But this got me thinking... though I don't believe it's related to the controller, perhaps it does have something to do with what I have NOT been using when this issue appears:  The Vive Controllers themselves.


It would seem to me, that the controllers might be powering down, or going into some other 'hibernation' and perhaps it's not until the base stations and/or HMD can't talk to them, that this issue starts to appear?  I could see this kind of behavior overlapping quite well with the percentage of people who are having this issue.


So, users with this issue.... do any of you run into this problem only when doing activities where the Vive controllers are sitting idle?


Re: flashing grey screen

I have a similar issue where my Vive controllers act really strange when I have my racing wheel / pedals turned on. The controllers with flake out, get gittery and will often not click when pressing the trigger in SteamVR dashboard. The problem is well known and it seems the culprit is any controller with a throttle, racing wheels with a gas pedal and flight sticks with throttles can affect the behaviour of the Vive controllers. I just leave the Vive controllers off and fire up the game I want to use with the mouse in Steam. There are some utilities out there that can fix this problem one of them being called "DashFix".... check this out......

Regards: Jack


Re: flashing grey screen




Hello HTC staff,

is there any news? Have you been able to recreate the issue?
Is there any hope that it can be permanently resolved by sending the HMD to the assistance?


Re: flashing grey screen


As others are asking, is there any news? Have the engineers analyzed @AGR-13 's HMD? Did they find anything unusual in its sensors? Did they manage to find the root cause of the issue? Has HTC thought about what to do with users experiencing the problem? What about Vives bought more than a year ago (as in mine and other's cases) that started experiencing the issue around the same time as everyone else (few months ago, starting since March or earlier)?
I recall the Rift had tracking problems when touch went out, and people found a workaround covering selected sensors in the HMD, until Oculus put out an update that solved the issue (took them a few months). As this is similar to our situation in this regard, could something similar happen with our issue? Or do we need to change the HMD entirely?
Thanks and good work!

Re: flashing grey screen

[ Edited ]
I don't think controllers are directly related to the issue but, as is a tracking problem, using the controllers helps the system to keep good tracking. With no tracking controllers, when sensors fail, the tracking go nuts more quickly. That's why the issue is more prevalent when playing sitting. At least that's my impression
I also had the problem you're talking about, and your link is the best way to solve it, but it's totally unrelated to the issue in this thread.