Viveport Arcade - location problem

Piotr Kubiak
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Viveport Arcade - location problem

I have a problem with my Viveport Arcade location. The account country is set to Poland, because the company is located and registered in Poland, but I'm opening a VR Arcade in Slovakia. From what I've seen, there's no option to set different countries in Location Managment. So everytime I launch Viveport Arcade Manager, there's an error saying that my location doesn't match the country I registered my account under, which means my purchased points don't show up and I'm unable to run anything.
I checked it with VPN set to Polish IP and everything is perfect.

So the question is - can you change the country of this particular location to Slovakia or somehow remove the error without changing the company's country?


Re: Viveport Arcade - location problem

Hi @Piotr Kubiak - please send me a PM confirming the email address you registered your Arcade account under? Thank you.