Vive wireless error 10001.1428

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Vive wireless error 10001.1428


Just got my wireless adapter, getting these errors (second one happens if you hit redetect).

Tried in two systems, in different pcie slots on both, same thing. Both running windows 10, latest steam VR all that **bleep**. System 1: i7 7700k, 16gb ram, 2080ti. System 2: Ryzen 7 1800X, 32gb ram, 2080ti.

The card shows up in device manager as working normally, I have a suspicion that the SMA/IPEX cable might be buggered, it seemed to have a small cut on it, which might be deep enough to cause issues. Tried a different cable from an old motherboard with no luck though.


To HTC speciffically: if its likely to be that connector wire, is there any way I can get a replacement for just that?







Re: Vive wireless error 10001.1428

I'm having the _exact_ same issue except I'm on Win7. My cable does not appear to be damaged.


Edit: I pulled apart the wireless link box and the antenna cable wasn't properly seated. I reseated it and everything is working! I'll post pictures later.


Re: Vive wireless error 10001.1428

Remove the screws from the bottom and pull off the top cover. Note that it snaps shut so it make take a bit of prying to get it open.


The bottom cover is now detached. Slide it down the cable so that it's fully detached.


Remove the front end (right side in the picture) very carefully so as to not damage the coax cable. There's a bit of thermal paste on the antenna element (the long, thin rectangle) so it may stick to the heatsink (the large radiator part of the left).

Check the antenna cable. Mine was detached when I opened it up. Carefully reattach it (don't push too hard) so that it's flat against the PCB (the green board).

Reverse the steps to reassemble.


A few other key words so that Google picks up on this page.


Not ready (10001.4128)

HTC vive Wireless link box error

Please check the cable connection to the WiGig card, and press the button to detect again.

Undefind Text: ErrorDeviceEnableFailText