Trigger click causes large jumps in direction


Trigger click causes large jumps in direction

I bought my Vive (new, not used) a few days ago, and everything has been smooth except for an issue with one of the controllers.


When I click in the trigger, the direction of the controller will suddenly change randomly left or right by quite a lot, then immediately snap back. I only see it in it's incorrect posistion for what looks like a single frame.


It's most noticable when there a is line coming out of the end of the controller, like a menu selection laser. Imagine you are pointing the laser to the right of a menu button, and clicking in the trigger. Every time you click it, the laser instantly moves in large jumps left or right, then back to center. Soon enough it will select the button without you ever pointing at it, because the laser suddenly jumps on top of it, selects it, then immediately jumps back.


This only happens on one of the controllers, the other one is perfect. This is not normal "jitter", both controllers are perfectly steady. Even squeezing the trigger in and out doesn't cause it, it is only when the trigger is clicked in.


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, recalibrating the controller, and setting up room scale many times. All devices say "Up to date" for firmware.


The triggers haven't seen extreme use, as I've been playing Beat Saber almost exclusively (and not with harsh movements) and you don't really press buttons while playing.


Considering the other controller shows no issues at all, and it doesn't matter which hand order I'm holding them in, I think this must be a hardware issue. Is there is anything I can try before taking it back?


EDIT: I made a video of the issue. I'm not moving the controller, just clicking the trigger over and over.

Uploaded by UnitySelectionBug Example on 2018-06-11.
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Same Issue here.

I recently bought mine new as well couple days ago and noticed this minor but very annoying quirk with the trigger, the controller tracking is fine but its only when you squeeze the trigger to where it clicks. Would love to hear back if you figure anything out!

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Re: Same Issue here.

@Michael1080p @Nexus Thank you for the reports and providing a video of the issue. I've raised this with our internal support teams to see if they've seen this issue before and can advise on it. 

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Re: Same Issue here.

@Nexus @Michael1080p


If you haven't already, could you get the SteamVR System Reports and PM them to me or @VibrantNebula so we can pass them along?

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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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Re: Same Issue here.

I'm away from my Vive for the weekend, but I will PM my SteamVR system reports Monday.

Thank you!