Pair 7 truckers and 2 controllers


Pair 7 truckers and 2 controllers

Hi guys, i am having problems in pairing 7 vive trackers and the 2 vive controllers with steamv. I need that they all connect at the same time . How should I pair them so that they get remain all connected at the same time?


Re: Pair 7 truckers and 2 controllers

I paired 8 of them at the same time, including controllers, without any issues.

Because I use a laptop I bought a couple switch adapter, so that I could connect 2 wireless dongle at the time ( I bought 4 for 8 dongles ).


First of all, before turning on any trackers, turn on your controllers: you need to do this because the controllers connect to SteamVR via wireless without any dongle.

After that I do the following:

- Plug a USB-Mini USB to the pc and to the tracker

- You will see that, in SteamVR, the tracker will appear and turn green

- Disconnect the cable, the tracker in SteamVR will turn grey

- Connect one dongle to the pc, on SteamVR right click on the tracker and choose Pair Tracker

- Press the Vive button on the tracker to turn it on, then press it for 2 seconds, the button will blink and SteamVR will connect the dongle to the tracker

- Once the tracker will turn green that tracker is connected via that dongle ( I usually mark which one is which for convenience )

- Repeat the same process for all the other trackers






Re: Pair 7 truckers and 2 controllers

Got It! Thank You so much! I will try your method and let you know!
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Thanks for the help! That's good advice.

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Re: Pair 7 truckers and 2 controllers

One other thing to note; the trackers use bluetooth which is pretty close to the 2.4ghz WiFI spectrum which can be a source of interference. As you turn on each tracker, additional co-channel interference is generated until you hit the maximum amount of devices that can be supported in that radio environment. 

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