My controller goes squeak!

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My controller goes squeak!

I have had my Vive for about a month now.  I have probly spent around 10-15 hours playing it in total.  Well I went to use it yesterday and one of my controllers triggers now makes a squeaking sound when pressed.  It feels different then the normal working other controller.  You can feel the spring inside compressing and depressing every time you squeeze it. 

It still works as intended but it is ruining by virtual reality experience.  Also I am concerned that it may end up not working at all.  Is this something I should contact vive support for to get fixed?  I have read numerous stories where people have faulty vives or controllers or whatever and that htc customer support is horrible.  Also I have not dropped nor hit the wall with the controller or damaged it in any way.   Thanks for your time.

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Re: My controller goes squeak!


I'd be happy to help you get it repaired. PM me if you'd like me to get the process going and I'll be with you the whole way until you get your controller back in working condition.

-John C

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