Htc vive headset water damage

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Htc vive headset water damage

I been waiting for 2 months to get my headset back and no one know anything about it!!!
As much as my kid have enjoy playing with the htc vive I cant tell the same about the product itself nor from the costumer service. Out of the 6 pieces that came with my system 4 have been sent for repair, loosing time and money, the last thing i sent was my headset and after asking and waiting for a month they finally said that it has been damage by water and that they want $270dls to repair it or that i could have it back unrepair even it is under warranty. Which of course is a lie the vive has not been near water, so after much research i found that prespiration can damage them two, SO WHY would you not advised us on that??! The only reason i bought it is so that my kid can get out of the chair, and yes he did prespired but he used the original pad that come with it and never so much that it would be dripping to per se get the headset wet.
So I told them to send it back unrepair and ever since no one has been able to give an answer of where my head set is, just that is hasnt left the repair center.
So people be aware, you will be paying 700 for the VR and 2000+ for a computer and wont be able to use it much (if any) taking in consideration that you cant even breath near it for fear on condensation. Out of my year it was used top 6 months due to all the repairs
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Hi there. If you PM me your ticket number, I'll take a look and see what's going on. Liquid damage is not covered under warranty as stated in the warranty agreement. The repair center will test for liquid damage and make their assessment on warranty coverage as standard.

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