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How to Update the Viveport Client When Troubleshooting

Vive Staff

How to Update the Viveport Client When Troubleshooting

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When troubleshooting issues with the Viveport client, it is recommended that you start by first ensuring that the client is updated to the most recent version. This fixes most common errors currently encountered by Viveport users. If you are having difficulty launching titles, also attempt to disable your antivirus and firewalls as part of your troubleshooting process. 
The current Viveport client is version r1074
When posting on the community about issues with Viveport please list the following in your post: client version, OS, any antivirus/firewall software currently installed, which titles (if any) are affected, and as detailed of a report as you can provide describing your specific issue. Providing this information is helpful for our engineering team. 
In order to update your Viveport client to the latest version, launch your current Viveport client, navigate to the “Settings” pane, and select the “Check for Updates” button under the “About” header. Then follow the on-screen instructions to ensure that you have the current version (r1060).
Note: If you're client predates version r1030, it is recommended that you uninstall Viveport, and reinstall the current version via this download link


-David R