How does Viveport work

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How does Viveport work

I want to know how the viveport subscription work, you have to pay to play a limited amout of games? there are 280 games in that list wich is a lot yes but they are mostly titles i have never heard of and i have been keeping track of everything popular, like why isnt the rick and morty vr game not on there? and at some games in the store it says ''avalible for subscritions'' are there games that arnt for subscriptions that you have to buy seperatly anyway? then why does viveport subscripios exist?


and i cant find the search bar. its not in the vieuw more tab that just brings me to the list of subscription games

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Re: How does Viveport work

Hi @Omega_The_III, and welcome!


We're constantly talking to VR developers everywhere about Viveport Subscription, and are adding new titles all the time. We cannot guarantee a title will be included because it's the developer's choice to add it to Viveport, so some will be missing, but we hope to add everything that's popular over time.


Perhaps the best way to think of Viveport Subscription is an extended trial. You can choose to keep a title in your subscription forever if you like, but you can also switch them out on a monthly basis. If you really like a title, to keep it, you buy it.


Some titles are available as part of Viveport Subscription only because in general, we don't sell many games via Viveport (there are some exceptions). There are some titles that are both available to buy, or as part of Viveport Subscription; if a title is available in subscription it's always made clear at the top of a page, so you never have to buy a title, but can if you like.


As for search, we're working on an improved version right now that should go live pretty soon. That will search across the whole of Viveport, including both subscription and non-subscription titles. (When we launched Viveport Subscription it was relatively easy to browse everything that was available!) Right now there is a search for the non-subscription titles, which you can find here.


Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

Stephen 'Rockjaw' Reid
- Editor in Chief, Viveport

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Re: How does Viveport work

Hi @Omega_The_III

The Viveport Subscription is designed to offer an alternative pathway to distributing content that  allows individuals to discovery and experiment with a variety of VR content they may not normally purchase via a model that encourages exploration. For a title to show up in subscription, a developer must opt-in based on what they feel is appropriate for their content; in the end, the developer controls the distribution of their title. Given that VR is a global community, it makes sense to have a variety of models that can serve a diverse userbase and developer community. 


The search functionality for parts of the Viveport client is currently being reworked. You can search most easily on our website (or via Google). Searching your library from in-client still works. We know it's an issue and are working behind to build systems that will be more tailored to the VR community. 

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