Headset will not turn on


Headset will not turn on

light is red and the error message reads not ready


I have checked all the cables and cannot find the problem




thanx,    Martin


Re: Headset will not turn on

Hello Martin, 

I suggest trying the following steps to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve your issue.


• Check for driver updates

• Check for OS updates (i.e. Windows update)

• Prioritize your GPU settings for Steam & SteamVR to Maximum Performance

• Verify the integrity of your SteamVR install

• Check that your Lighthouses are set up properly and are ready for tracking

• Check for updates on your components (i.e. Headset, Controlers, Lighthouses)


Hopefully one of these will resolve your issue. If not you can respond here, and I or another member will try to assist you further.


If you still need help or have further questions,
reply in the forum and I or another member will attempt to help you ASAP!
I am NOT an HTC or Valve employee.
If I have helped you or resolved your issue,
please accept my answer as the solution.
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