HTC Vive Controller Battery Connector

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HTC Vive Controller Battery Connector

My HTC Vive controller just dropped and doesn’t turn on, so I had to manually check what happen, turns out the connector from the battery to the motherboard was loose and need to reconnect it and now it works. The weird part is, ifixit says it holds on by a metal plate, mine by a tape. Is this normal?



36686797_10209393087744637_6381615408016785408_o.jpgThe metal plate36736091_10209393087224624_6384469074482561024_o.jpgMy one with the tape36770237_10209393087104621_6454402167242489856_o.jpgMy one with the tape 

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Re: HTC Vive Controller Battery Connector

@fird96, This is normal. The Vive hardware has undergone several rounds of revision since launch and the iFixit guide only reflects one revision of the Vive HW, in this case the launch variation. Overall, there may be some subtle variability in the materials and manufacturing process used depending on when the unit was manufactured. 

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