Failed USB connection on headset, laptop edition.

New Arrival

Failed USB connection on headset, laptop edition.

I just recently bought an HTC Vive and have been dying to try it ever since I got it. The main problem is I have to wait 2 weeks for it to get here.


In the mean time I want to make sure the headset works properly by then. I've been trying them in my two laptops (A lenovo Y520 and thinkpad T470)  and have gotten the display to work, integrated graphics aside. I am aware none of them are "VR-ready" it's just supposed to be a test.


The USB connection in the other hand has been an issue, I've made sure the usb drivers were installed and have uninstalled (Both in steamVR and usbdeview) and rebooted many times. I've also tried every single USB port in both laptops.


As they are laptops getting a PCIe usb extension as reccomended isn't really a practical option. I was wondering if there are any other things I should be trying.