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Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

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Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

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Error 400 is usually caused by multiple monitors plugged into the PC. Make sure that the link box is plugged into the same graphic card with the main monitor. You can change which is the main monitor in right click – display settings. If it is still not working, unplug other monitors. Try updating the graphics driver as well.



Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

After 8 hours of configuration still nothing!!!!!
Own a DELL with two graphic cards, tried to disable one and the second one but nothing!!!
VIVO soft ware is CRAP!!!!! When you sell thy you should consider also people like me!!!!!
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Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

Hello @kapataru,


Happy to assist with any errors you are experiencing.  Can you share a little more about what issues you are having and what your computer set up is?


Thank you!




Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

I have a Dell XPS 15 With Intel Core i5 6300HQ processor


Video Intel HD GRaphics 530 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M

Windows 10 PRO

Ggetting Compositori not available, tried toi open conpusitori*clicking the link provided( but nothing start

I have tried to run it with Direct Mode ENABLED or DISABLED but nothing works,,,,,,


Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

@jagibson can you help me out please?
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Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

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Thanks @kapataru


Had this worked before?

The specs you listed are unfortunately below the threshhold for a VR ready machine (I'm not saying this is the cause) and once the output does come out it will potentially result in a poor experience because of how the 960m is configured (which has 2GB of memory if I recall for that chip in that laptop).


Take a look at this thread on nVidia for an explanation of the implementation (optimus link to the internal GPU):


With that said, try the below and let me know if it gets you closer to working:


Use USBDeview to manually uninstall drivers
USBDeview is a free tool that is automatically included with the installation of SteamVR. The default path to this tool is …\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\bin\win32\thirdparty. This tool allows users to manually inspect all USB devices that have installed drivers, and is useful when it is suspected the Vive drivers are not being removed using the SteamVR ‘Remove all SteamVR USB Devices’ feature, or when it is believed there may be conflicts caused by other USB devices. Non-Vive related USB devices should only be uninstalled in this way if there is believed to be a driver conflict caused by another USB device.

Removing Vive USB Drivers

  1. Disconnect all Vive cables from the PC.
  2. Launch the USBDeview program.
  3. From the Options tab, enable Display Disconnected Devices.
  4. Sort the list of devices by VendorID (click VendorID at the top of the list).
  5. Locate any devices with VendorID 28de (these are the Vive components) and uninstall them.
    1. To uninstall, right click the device and select Uninstall Selected Device. You may need to click Yes to confirm the selection.
  6. After uninstalling all devices with the 28de in the VendorID column, close USBDeview and reboot the PC.
  7. Reconnect the Vive cables to the PC. Ensure all cables are properly connected and then launch SteamVR. This will begin the re-installation of the Vive related drivers.

Make sure direct mode is enabled.  Make sure to plug in directly to the USB on the machine and not via a hub just to make sure no conflicts. Plug the HDMI cable directly from the PC to the linkbox.


Let me know if this provides you with any progress.  


Thank you,




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Re: Error 400 (Compositor not available) - Symptoms and Solutions

This IS the solution! (At least for me) Thank you!