Can't cancel subscription

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Can't cancel subscription

When I login to Viveport using the desktop software, my subscripiton information is gone.  It is treating my like a new user despite having an active subscription.  I wish to cancel my subscription, but since I can't access it, I can't cancel it.


Re: Can't cancel subscription

Hey @zinc1282,


Looking at your account for this username, it doesn't show an active subscription. It's likely that you have two different accounts. I'll send you a PM with some more troubleshooting steps.

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Re: Can't cancel subscription

I have this problem as well! I believed it was cancelled because it was empty, and now I've been charged another month even though I'm not using the service. Please help me cancel my subscription.

Vive Staff

Re: Can't cancel subscription

Hi @RasconTwo,


Please see PM, need your confirmation on cancelling.